Wedding DJ Verses Friend That DJs

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Why You Should Hire a Wedding DJ!

We hear from time to time that Wedding Couples decide to use their friend to handle the Entertainment at their wedding. We suspect that they are trying to create a "duty" or a "special job" for someone in their family to make them feel special. While we believe this is noble of them, it is also risky business.

Entertainment is 1 of the 5 senses that your guests get to experience at your wedding. The sound dictates the energy of your wedding that your "All Ages" audience gets to enjoy. When the sound isn't where it should be, it can literally ruin everything you have planned for your celebration. Bands tend to be too loud and leads to guests leaving early. DJs playing music that does not evoke a connection with the audience, guests will grab their things and leave as soon as dinner is over.

A BAD DJ spins and spins and pays no attention to what the audience is reacting to.

A REALLY GOOD WEDDING DJ pays attention to the energy of the entire celebration the moment guests begin to arrive. Reading crowd reactions and smoothly transitioning each song adding to the excitement every time. A Great DJ will recognize when something does not resinate with the audience and smoothly transition into something else. That is the sign of a GOOD DJ!

(Illustrated) DJ Jason of Bouquet Sound making the announcement to let your guests know this is an unplugged ceremony and to be in the moment so that when you walk down the aisle you get to see the faces of those you love and not the back of everyone's smart phones. This is just 1 key ingredient to what makes Bouquet Sound the most Trusted Name in Wedding Entertainment.

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