Top Wedding Song List

Best Wedding song list 2018-2019

Top Recessional Songs

When you think about the ceremony, what is the top wedding song list for you? We often think what song to walk down the aisle to. Well you know after you say your “I Dos,” and Kiss the Bride, you and your partner need a song to walk back up the aisle to together, your first moment as a married couple. Here is our list of the top Recessional Songs right now, as picked by our clients:

Top Processional Songs

Are you a traditional bride looking to walk down to the Wedding March? Do you not feel like a bride unless you are walking down to “Here Comes the Bride?” Or do you have a song that tells more of your story and is more meaningful to you as a couple? Have you ever wondered what the most popular songs to walk down the aisle to are? Well we decided to do the homework for you! Here is (in our opinion) the Top Processional Songs to make your way down the aisle to:

Top First Dance Songs

Do you have a Special Song that signifies your relationship? A song that whenever it came on it made you think of your partner? If you do not yet have an “Our Song,” you may be struggling to decide which song to play during your first dance as a newly married couple. To help you with your top wedding song list and this very important decision, here is a list of the most popular bride and groom first dance songs, as chosen by our couples:

Top Cake Cutting Songs

Do you plan on being gentle when feeding each other the wedding cake? Or do you plan on smashing it into your partners face? What ever you choose, you know you have to have a great cake cutting song. Here is our list of the top cake cutting songs, as chosen by our clients:

Top Garter Toss Songs

Everyone loves the Bouquet toss and the Garter toss! Looking for a song to have your guys duke it out and battle for that garter? Have you also thought of creative ways to spice up the garter toss? Are you removing it with your teeth and using it as a sling shot? Or what about putting it on a football and going for a pass? Whatever way you plan on doing the garter toss, here are to top garter toss songs as chosen by our clients:

Top Bouquet Toss Songs

Top Bouquet Toss Songs could also be referred to as the Top Bouquet Sounds!! …. Cheesy, we know. All the single ladies live for the bouquet toss. Hoping and praying that if things follow tradition, she would be the next one getting hitched and tossing her own bouquet. We’re curious how many girls got a ring after catching it? Well, it’s fun to see them battle for it.

Top Mother and Son Dance Songs

When I think of what song I would dance with my mom to, I have no clue! How did you choose? Chances are you don’t have a “special song” with your mom like you do with your partner. So doing this research was very interesting. I wish I could hear what you think and if you used or plan on using any of these Top Mother and Groom Dance songs at your wedding reception.

Top Father Daughter Dance Songs

Are you stuck trying to come up with the perfect song for your Father/ Daughter Dance? As I am coming up with this list I can’t help but think of Steve Martin in “Father of The Bride.” What a meaningful, emotional moment …. The Father Daughter Dance. We wanted to share this updated list on the Top Father Daughter Dance Songs. Is your favorite song on the list?

Top Requested Songs

You want to get the party started? You want it to be the most epic event people will keep talking about from year to come? These songs are peoples favorites to get down on the dance floor too:

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