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Orange County Wedding DJ

DJ Dominiq

Orange County Wedding DJ

DJ Dominiq is an Orange County Wedding DJ. Also serves Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Barbara and surrounding areas. DJ Dominiq is one of our most diverse as an event and wedding DJ, who is a true pioneer of reading a wedding crowd of any age, nationality and specific song selection.

He has been DJ’ing since he was 16 years old and is one of the most passionate individuals you will ever meet. He absolutely loves what he does and is so excited to hear what types of songs you want him to play at your wedding. Dominiq will tailor your selections to be absolutely perfect for everyone in the room. Not only does he understand how to make each song mix smoothly, but he is a professional that will represent the bride and groom with upmost class and style.

He has performed at weddings all over the country including Disneyland Resorts and has done over 1,000 weddings in his career.

We invite you to speak with DJ Dominiq, Top Orange County Wedding DJ for a no obligation interview to learn more about him. But more importantly for him to learn more about you and your vision. He can make your wedding or event a masterpiece that everyone will be talking about for a long time after..

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