Event and Wedding DJ Questions

Most common Wedding DJ questions we get and the answers we give.

The best time is as soon as you have confirmed your date. Remember, booking a DJ is like booking a catering hall or photographer. The really good and popular ones are booked early.

Bouquet Sound always ask clients for a list of their favorite songs, bands and genres, and for a list of “must plays” and “do not plays.” Bouquet Sound bases the evening’s music around your tastes, and requests from the guests, considering the age range of the guests and other factors which we can discuss in more detail when we meet in person. If you need help picking specific songs, Bouquet Sound is more than happy to consult with you.

Bouquet Sound is happy to do announcements at the wedding! Our staff will arrange any announcements beforehand, in a friendly, professional manner, and get on the microphone only when needed. The day is about you, and your guests, having a good time and celebrating a happy event. Bouquet Sound’s job is to facilitate a smooth reception and to create a successful party.

The best place is in front of the dance floor. It is best not to have any tables between the DJ and the dance floor, or guests in conversation will have trouble hearing each other. Remember, the further away the DJ is from the dance floor, the louder the music must be. Please bear in mind that it takes about an hour for our smallest set up of the equipment. Moving our station location during the reception is not as easy as moving our satellites.

It is customary to provide your service providers with a meal. If you will not be providing them with a meal, it would be considerate to tell them in advance so they can make other arrangements. Remember, your service providers (DJ’s, photographers, videographers, etc) put in a long day and the only opportunity they will have to eat is at dinner.

It is customary to tip your DJ. However, whether you do or not is entirely up to you. Its a nice way of letting them know you think they did a good job. The amount of the tip is also up to you, but 15-20% is the average amount.

The Bouquet Sound DJ will wear a suit and tie to the wedding. The crew generally wears black slacks and dress shoes with Bouquet Sound polo shirt to weddings. Bear in mind that they will not yet be dressed while setting up the equipment.

Bouquet Sound will arrive two hours before the start time, in order to be set up and professionally dressed when the event begins. Please bear in mind that some venues may require Bouquet Sound to arrive even earlier in order to get into the space before guests arrive.

Because it is your most important day, our equipment is backed up 3 times for your peace of mind. This is called Bouquet Sound’s Triple Redundancy. Your playlist will be on a MacBook, iPad, iPod. Bouquet Sound’s Triple Redundancy is offered in all packages.
We offer top of the line lighting and sound equipment. All our lighting is LED to ensure there are no power outages. All our music is researched based. We’ve used a research platform that no other DJ company has access to, this provides a guide when entertaining a large or small group of people.

Contact us at: 855-968-7351 (855 YOUR-DJ1) or info@bouquetsound.com

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